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Marisa Sabin LMT,CCP

When you come in for a treatment (whether it be cupping or massage ...or both!) I aesthetically and posturally assess your body.  Proper body function and physique is largely attributed to your body's fascia and muscle health.   I offer the best of all body treatments: decompression and  compression.  Cupping (decompression) restores fascia health and massage therapy (compression) realigns muscle. 

What is Fascia?


Fascia is an iridescent, blue-white connective tissue located under the skin's deepest layer. Fascia surrounds and runs through muscle, and is continuous from the top of the cranium to the tips of toes. The water and collagen matrix of fascia tissue provides glide to our muscles as we move. When an injury, pain, tension, wrinkles or cellulite is present, it is an indication that fascia is in a dehydrated state. Fascia can become dehydrated and due to overuse, underuse and inflammation.  Cells surrounding tight fascia have less ability to detoxify, thus resulting in a "thickness" of tissue.

What are cup markings?

What many people don't know is that the cup markings are not bruises! By loose definition, a bruise is a result of a blunt-force trauma. In fact, the markings that may result from cupping techniques are the contrary.  It is a decompression motion that initiates the lift of stuck tissues. This motion "un-earths" old blood, injuries and stress points. The discolorations are an indication that harmful pathogens and toxins have successfully drawn out of the area.  Cup markings can range from light pink to dark purple and can last 1 day - 1 0 days. The darker the color, the older the stressed point. Markings can be in the  shape of a circle, splotchy or spotty. 

Ursula Sobieski-Kutt LMT

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Ursula graduated from Vienna University with a Bachelor’s degree. She lived and traveled to various countries while working as a translator and librarian. 

While locating to Naples 20 years ago, Ursula managed a successful family business specializing in Vienna Antiques. Since Ursula's arrival to Naples, her personal journey has lead to her unsuspecting passions such as yoga and therapeutic massage. In addition to being  a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician, Ursula is teacher of Bikram yoga. 

A Holistic Approach

Ursula has created her own holistic approach to massage that includes aromatherapy, hot stones, CBD oils and Cupping Therapy which she uses in a combination of ways to meet the unique needs of her clients. Ursula is trained and experienced in different aspects of massage, ranging from relaxing Swedish massage to deep tissue, Neuromuscular and therapeutic massage modalities.

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"Decompression provided by cupping helps to loosen, hydrate, and oxygenate muscles and organs. It encourages blood flow and sedates the nervous system. Cupping is indicated for: back and neck pain, sport injuries, stiff muscles, migraines and rheumatism. Can be used for aesthetic purposes by reducing cellulite and wrinkles."

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